The rising costs of healthcare and the increasingly stressful tight schedules of our modern lifestyles require a rationalization of how healthcare is to be delivered to the people. We firmly believe in the further development of secondary and tertiary healthcare systems. However, these  have to be complemented by better education and options for primary healthcare to save time, costs and to ease the burden on public healthcare institutions. To this end, Avo Diagnostics sources and develops diagnostics kits which may be easily used by consumers. At the same time, healthcare professionals can be assured the quality of such kits makes them suitable also for their professional practice.





Avo Diagnostics markets and sells a wide range of innovative diagnostic kits and rapid tests. These high quality products are sourced from reputable suppliers both locally and from overseas. They currently include palm-sized Lipid Profile Meters, Glucose and Uric Acid Meters, BP Meters  as well as rapid tests for Pregnancy, Dengue, HIV and Drugs of Abuse.







Avo Diagnostics aims to be the foremost regional resource centre for diagnostic kits suitable for both primary and secondary healthcare.


To source from and collaborate with reputable manufacturers of diagnostic kits with the aim of developing a useful and comprehensive range of diagnostic kits which may be conveniently used by the layperson, healthcare professional and healthcare institution where appropriate.