"The pharmacy I normally go to in Alor Setar upgraded my AvoMeter Perfect to AvoMeter Vantage when I bought the new glucose and cholesterol strips. I like this new AvoMeter Vantage very much because it is much more convenient to use. There is no need to code for glucose and I only need to code once for each new batch of cholesterol strips. Best is that I do not need to code each time I want to switch between glucose and cholesterol testing. There is also a strip ejector button which is very good. My strips do not last very long but the pharmacist told me, the new glucose strips for AvoMeter Vantage can be used even 6 months after opening the bottle if I keep it in a cool place at home! "

Yeoh Kian Weng |  63, Alor Setar



"Saya baru beli AvoMeter Perfect. Saya tahu kolesterol saya sangat tinggi dan diabetes tak control bagus walaupun pakai insulin. Dulu saya mahu beli AvoMeter Perfect tapi mahal; lebih daripada RM 300.Sekarang harga RM 100 lebih sahaja, saya cepat beli lah. Merdeka promosi juga ada free kolesterol strip. "

Thilaga |  48, Gombak



"Our family dr told us to buy a glucose meter for my parents for their own home monitoring. In a pharmacy, I was introduced to AvoMeter Perfect. I was very impressed with this simple looking, affordable meter as it can measure both glucose and cholesterol. I am glad to get to know this meter. If not, I would have just bought a plain glucose meter at only a slightly cheaper price which cannot measure cholesterol."

Edward Chong |  45, Puchong



"We are busy most of the time and visits to drs and lab tests are also not cheap. It is good we can do some tests like cholesterol and glucose and blood pressure at home ourselves. it is definitely cost-saving as 4 of us in the family use AvoMeter Perfect and the AvoLife BP Meter! But I agree with the pharmacist from whom we bought the meters, we must see a dr as soon as possible if our readings are not normal."

Carmen How  |  33, Petaling jaya



" I have been using many different glucose meters for the past 12 years. Each time the pharmacy will give me a new meter when I need to buy strips. I am also not sure if my readings are correct bec I think different meters may give slightly different readings. I am frankly relieved when this pretty lady pharmacist recommended me AvoMeter Perfect. I do not intend to change my meter in another pharmacy anytime soon bec all the different glucose meters do not have cholesterol function and I actually prefer to stick to one type of meter for consistent readings. Another plus point! I knew my cholesterol was a bit high but we did not know my wife's cholesterol was even higher! After getting the reading fr our AvoMeter Perfect, we went to a lab & it was confirmed that my wife's cholesterol is high. This meter was really, really a good buy."

Mohd Arisham  |  54, Langkap